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Synonyms for blip

a sudden minor shock or meaningless interruption

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a radar echo displayed so as to show the position of a reflecting surface

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For this reason, these blips are often more common in individuals who have a condition that compromises their ability to pay attention, such as those with ADD or a learning disability.
Several design parameters are influencing the necessary work of compression and therefore the blip stall behavior.
Barry Williams, Asda chief merchandising officer for food, and chair of the CBI distributive trades survey panel, said: "Although the high street recovery stalled this month, there is optimism that it was just a blip on the previous run of three months' growth.
It is important for HIV clinicians to understand the content and quality of the data on viral blips and how differences in viral load testing strategies may lead to variations in blip frequency.
In Blip and Bloop, Bloop is an adventurous young dolphin who is almost run down by a ship but is saved at the last minute by his sister Blip.
We will be desperate to get back and show it's only a blip.
We will pay on your behalf money in excess of the Retention that you legally have to pay as claim expenses and damages because of a covered claim caused by a blip in your connected services.
Every team is going to have a blip during the season and I always felt we could bounce back straight away," Bickerstaff said.
Blip culture demands autonomy and authority for individuals within their specialized niches.
One site, Blip TV, delivers online television shows.
I'm looking forward to the day when LUG becomes a sad historical blip.
Commercial airlines support a user fee system based on the idea that "a blip is a blip is a blip" on the radar screen.
A blip on the flat line of corporate communication: I wanted to comment on Steve Crescenzo's great article "It's Time to Admit the Hard Truth: We're Not Photographers" ["Editor's Angle," CW, NovemberDecember 2005].
The sole sign of life is the blinking red light on a radio, a stuttering blip in this smoothly monotone world.
Utterly simple in conception and execution, the building is an almost imperceptible horizontal blip in the landscape, its long, low slung volume echoing the forms of the granite terraces on which it is poised.