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Synonyms for blinker

a light that flashes on and off


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a blinking light on a motor vehicle that indicates the direction in which the vehicle is about to turn

blind consisting of a leather eyepatch sewn to the side of the halter that prevents a horse from seeing something on either side

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put blinders on (a horse)

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Blinker revealed: "Henrik and I have a very good understanding not just on the pitch but off it too.
I've been part of his plans so far and I think that the games I've played have been to his satisfaction," said Blinker.
Blinker was given his first league start of the season by John Barnes and played like a man who has finally found a bit of desire in his soul.
Blinker was valued at pounds 600,000 when he moved north from Sheffield Wednesday as part of the deal which sent bad boy Paolo De Canio south.
And then right on the break, a superb stop from a blistering McNamara effort after Burley had set up Blinker for the cross.
The new PCA953x LED Dimmers and PCA955x LED Blinkers allow more system flexibility by off-loading the LED power consumption and eliminating the programming of the MCU.
But Blinker came out of a sense of duty and spoke about the need for Celtic to roll their sleeves up at places like Easter Road, just as they did in their last league outing at Rugby Park.
The critical point though was the 35th-minute ordering-off as Blinker elbowed Kevin Christie in the face, right in front of referee Willie Young.
Henriette and 26-year-old Blinker had lived together for ten years.
REGI BLINKER is playing for his Celtic future here in Norway under a man he once rated as highly as Diego Maradona.
The Bhoys had their fans howling in frustration until Blinker and Larsson snatched a second half victory from the gallant Pars.
Along with the irrepressible Henrik Larsson and rejuvenated Regi Blinker, the prodigal son posed too many problems for a Hearts defence which has cost manager Jim Jefferies a lot of sleepless nights this season.
Regi Blinker produced a blinding display as he tore Hearts apart before half time at Tynecastle.
But the strips should be visible low on horses' snouts even if they wear blinker hoods.
Blinker, one of the Hoops' highest-paid stars, decided to relieve himself in the middle of a city centre street.