blink of an eye

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a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat)

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The series of videos entitled In the blink of an eye focuses on three construction workers (Peader, Robert and Shane) who, after experiencing serious workplace accidents, were treated at the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH).
wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, In The Blink of An Eye meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $16.
Once they opened however, Blink Of An Eye shot out and made all the running to complete a double for Kirby.
In the Blink of an Eye tells the story of the UAE's dramatic development over the past three generations, while Dream Journey is a short film combining actual settings with animation, depicting a young Emirati boy and a Chinese girl exploring the UAE.
MANY players leave Anfield in the blink of an eye after games but, on Monday evening, Pepe Reina proved again why he is a one-off.
The Top Gear presenter takes a three-part look at the wonders of the world which we miss, because they happen in the blink of an eye.
But this is my seventh year of professional sport and it has gone in the blink of an eye.
He brought down a cross with his right foot and smashed it in with his left in the blink of an eye - brilliant.
Maliki would have become the most important figure in Iraq in the blink of an eye, the one person everyone would have had to deal with.
There has to be nanoseconds or a blink of an eye response time to what the surface operator wants the submersible to do.
It was very important that the new car had a strong familial resemblance and was recognizable in the blink of an eye as a TT," says the Argentina-born designer, noting it was critical to maintain the circular wheel arches, dome-shaped roofline and overall stance of the original.
Sounds familiar in our twenty-first-century world of fast-paced living, where one fad, theme, or song changes to the next in the blink of an eye, where cities and suburbs and countryside and neighborhoods are ever changing.
She is a member of a clan that controls the wormhole skein, also known as Carlyle's Drift, a system of "gates" that provide the means to travel from one part of the galaxy to another in the blink of an eye.
I couldn't believe it at first, and once I got there, everything just happened so fast that it seemed like a week went by in the blink of an eye.
In the blink of an eye, a nonleague, nonsanctioned, rough-and-tumble, boy-versus-girl basketball game erupted.