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force to go away by blinking

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Patching over social differences can blink away the ways in which the United States treats its gay men and lesbians as second-class citizens.
Before you have a chanc blink away the spots in front of your eyes, it's stripes - would tha acid brights, pastels or neutrals?
I, and I noticed when I looked up to blink away the tears, most other adults were reading.
And, I thought, as I closed the sunroof and settled back into traffic, it was a blessed relief from the diesel behemoths whose taillights blink away endlessly in the afternoon haze.
on which (and from which) are projected slides and film clips - a sort of audiovisual enactment of the global village: Sniper fire from Sarajevo can be heard behind burned-out buildings on New York's Lower East Side; skaters on Amsterdam's frozen canals are just a blink away from the sex shops in the red light district.
At the UN offices in London yesterday, hearing Rolnik speak, I saw campaigners blink away tears.
This time the 20 minutes seemed to blink away and we were alighting and moving to our waiting cars almost before we knew it.
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes may still be playing on the jukebox but drinkers at the Teac Fiddlers in North Shields and The Railway in Whitley Bay no longer have to blink away tobacco fumes.
But inherent in Tom Harris' work, in all of his books, is that while he doesn't blink away from the most awful aspects of human beings, he tries to understand them and have a kind of empathy without forgiving their monstrosity.
One of the most frustrating sights for motorists is the line of lights that blink away on the tops of traffic cones laid out on motorways to highlight lane closures.
When so many outstanding players take the field, a breakaway touchdown or a huge hit is always just a blink away.
MOURNERS blink away the tears yesterday as student Bano Rashid's coffin is slowly carried to the church for her funeral.
And, as we talk, the first night is a blink away and things are getting a bit serious.
which will play to small audiences who will be a mere blink away from the action.
For a society that bombards us with sexual images - from huge posters of models in underwear to lads' mags that are a blink away from pornography - we're ridiculously prudish when it comes to talking about the practical side of sex.