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Synonyms for blindfolded

wearing a blindfold


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That must be why it is blindfolded, so that it shall not see the bull coming to gore it.
My dear Rachel, they blindfolded me before I could see their faces.
Through the rugged remains of temples and tombs and palaces and senate halls and theatres and amphitheatres of ancient days, hosts of tongue-tied and blindfolded moderns were carefully feeling their way, incessantly repeating Prunes and Prism in the endeavour to set their lips according to the received form.
The guard is blindfolded and stands beside the "horses.
Then, walking blindfolded, they end up an average of 22 inches from the object's location, or manage to point continuously toward it while following paths that veer off to the side of the object.
Four of the Tantobie team were also blindfolded and the ball was a size three football with beads in to create a sound.
Each day 15 of the soldiers will walk blindfolded helped by the others.
AN Israeli soldier has caused outrage after posting photos of herself smiling beside blindfolded Palestinian prisoners in a Facebook album called "the time of my life".
Visakhapatnam, June 11 (ANI): Akash Anand, a magician rode his motorbike blindfolded on the busy roads in Andhra Pradesh's Visakhapatnam city to create traffic awareness among the public.
Walking through the school hall, the blindfolded children are asked to imagine the scene of a bombed-out street, with their classmate describing the scene of devastation before them.
FORMER FORMER Bishop of Birmingham John Sentamu has told how he was blindfolded and taken to meet city gang leaders in an bid to win their help over the deaths of Charlene Ellis and Letisha Shakespeare.
A few days later, Angela managed to convince Tony to be blindfolded and before he knew it beauticians were giving him a leg wax.
They said they were bound and blindfolded while weapons were cocked.
Q I'M a single woman in my late twenties and I get a thrill being blindfolded.
The blindfolded figures of Mr Bigley, 62, from Liverpool, and Americans Jack Hensely and Eugene Armstrong were shown on Arab TV channel Al Jazeera.