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Synonyms for blindfold

a cloth used to cover the eyes

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cover the eyes of (someone) to prevent him from seeing

Related Words

wearing a blindfold


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The biggest problem would be if someone decided to run out in front of me while I'm running blindfold," he says.
He organised a blindfold tournament when he was working in the States which he won so he was officially the Blindfold Chess Champion of Memphis, Tennessee, in 1992.
Moreover, through the blindfold dinner, we aim to let our attendees and members of the local community to realise the importance of the gift of sight and the efforts taken by the organisation in order to provide the means to reduce the likelihood of vision loss and treatment of those in need for it," she added.
Wallenda said Friday that walk will be done wearing a blindfold.
Jankowski himself does not see Dubai until a special audience screening during the last part of his trip, where Farook finally removes the blindfold for him.
Places are still available for the blindfold football tournament and teams must register in advance at www.
Paying tribute to her brave late father, Mia showed a maturity way beyond her years in wearing a blindfold to carry the Olympic flame along the seafront in Whitburn, Tyne and Wear - a duty her dad was supposed to carry out.
Twice in recent days I've paid the price of a jockey removing the blindfold virtually as the gates open - Shane B Kelly aboard Klynch at Hamilton and Ted Durcan on Miss Topsy Turvy at Nottingham.
The inquest heard the father-oftwo wore a padlocked metal collar with six-inch spikes, a blindfold and a balaclava and asked Mrs Richardson to punish and humiliate him.
Then the soldiers came over and smacked me over the head and tied the blindfold tighter.
Tristen Wealth; THE BLINDFOLD ARTIST: THE SECRET ART OF SPOTTING HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES; simplexbasic/ ATA Press and Associates (Business and Finance) $12.
The UK government's Blue Blindfold campaign's message is that human trafficking can happen in any town, community, or workplace.
In their experiments, blocking the vision of 1-year-olds with a blindfold led the youngsters to appreciate that a blindfolded adult couldn't see toys on a table, an insight that usually eludes 1-year-olds.
3 ON her birthday morning he gives her sexy undies, a silk blindfold and handcuffs - and tells her to be ready in the bedroom at 6pm.
With the passage of the Detainee Interrogation Bill, I must now assume that the blindfold is also there to hide her tears.