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Synonyms for blindfold

a cloth used to cover the eyes

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cover the eyes of (someone) to prevent him from seeing

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wearing a blindfold


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The woman told the court how she discovered the truth when she ripped off her blindfold during sex.
Wallenda said Friday that walk will be done wearing a blindfold.
15 ( ANI ): A new survey has revealed that many couples resort to kinky tactics in the privacy of their bedroom, by using handcuffs, blindfolds and whips, to add an element of fun in their sex life.
Surely a rule should be introduced whereby the starter doesn't let them go until at least five seconds after all blindfolds have been dispensed with.
Crowds - including Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne - joined Pc David Rathband in the blindfold "goodwill walk" to raise money for emergency services staff injured in the line of duty.
In their experiments, blocking the vision of 1-year-olds with a blindfold led the youngsters to appreciate that a blindfolded adult couldn't see toys on a table, an insight that usually eludes 1-year-olds.
3 ON her birthday morning he gives her sexy undies, a silk blindfold and handcuffs - and tells her to be ready in the bedroom at 6pm.
With the passage of the Detainee Interrogation Bill, I must now assume that the blindfold is also there to hide her tears.
While a blindfold isn't exactly the same, I found that the particular track, Blindfold, gave my visions a whole new and much more exciting spin.
The boy, who said his blindfold was removed after his arrival, recognized and identified the police station.
Have her wrangle it so the guy you like ends up kissing you with a blindfold on.
heavy blindfold, such as a dark polar-fleece scarf and hat
A clothespin A blindfold A partner Several small pieces of peeled potato, apple, and onion
With his eyes completely covered with a seamless blackout blindfold, Dresser took iPods from audience members and went through the intricate technical process of opening the iPod casing without damage, removing the fading manufacture's battery, installing a higher capacity NewerTech NuPower replacement battery, and sealing the casing to a like-new appearance in perfect working order.
Pop along to our base on Saturday and meet our dogs and staff, shake hands with 'Paddy the Pup', join in the family fun and try one of our fun challenges (can you make a cup of squash blindfold without spilling a drop?