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Even among major belligerents, such as Germany in World War I and the United States in World War II, the blinded veterans organizations contained no more than several thousand men.
12) Beca use of the depth and range of physical and psychological challenges the blinded face, it is not unexpected that blinded veterans argued that for solidarity's sake they needed their own organizations.
The teacher must keep in mind, though, that a white cane may be the last thing a newly blinded person of any age wants.
To demonstrate this follow-up interview technique, the MMPI and MMPI-2 were administered to a 31-year-old male who was adventitiously blinded (Harrington, et al.
Holsopple, a clinical psychologist at New Jersey State Hospital, published an article entitled "Psychological Problems of the Newly Blinded Adult.
Our goal from this 320 patient trial was for two-out-of-three "blinded readers" of Imagify-enhanced ultrasound images to be non-inferior to a single blinded reader of the nuclear stress test images from the same patients.
The campaign aims to underscore the critical shortage of teachers qualified to teach braille reading as well as the need for recruitment and funding for teacher education programs serving the unique needs of blind and visually handicapped children and recently blinded adults.
Nasdaq: ACUS) announced today that the Company has trained all of the echo blinded readers in the RAMP-2 trial to increase their sensitivity, the ability to detect coronary heart disease, in stress echo images enhanced by its lead product candidate, Imagify[TM] (formerly known as AI-700).
NYSE:HNT), today announced it is sponsoring Operation Peer Support with a $10,000 donation to send newly-blinded soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan to the Blinded Veterans Association's (BVA) 61st National Convention to be held from August 15-20, 2006 in Buffalo, New York.
RAMP-1 was statistically designed to demonstrate that, for 2 out of 3 echo blinded readers, AI-700-enhanced stress echo was non-inferior to nuclear stress in assessing coronary heart disease.