blind drunk

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I plan on writing about why fans think it necessary to get blind drunk, act aggressively and make fools of themselves to enjoy a Duck game.
He asked: "If you are a young woman trying to walk home in these clothes and you are blind drunk how able are you to get away?
After getting blind drunk with several girlfriends, Kate stumbled into a sex shop in London's Soho where she reportedly demanded a different toy for each day of the week and bought seven mini vibrators.
But he returned to her cosmetics store in Qinshui, China, two hours later blind drunk in his digger.
We need to encourage people to enjoy the city centre without them getting blind drunk.
I would contend that the problem is the attitude of mindless individuals whose only pleasure in life, whether at home or on holiday, is to get blind drunk.
Stefan Kolodynski, defending Leonard, said: "He had been celebrating his release from custody over another matter that was eventually discontinued and he got blind drunk.
REMEMBER that time you went on a large one with your boss and your employer's biggest clients, got blind drunk, started an argument with a lamppost, and threw up all over yourself?
One stiff drink can literally make a driver blind drunk, a study has shown.
When in Italy I saw that alcohol was something to enjoy with your meal, not something to get you blind drunk.
By working in partnership with the police, fire service, and responsible owners of pubs nd clubs across the city we're hoping to get the message across to people that having a good night out doesn't have to involve getting blind drunk and behaving like an idiot.
Hazel Blears, Home Office Minister, said: "Vandalising property, fouling streets with litter, blind drunk teenagers causing trouble or stealing for a buzz - this is anti-social, criminal behaviour and a scourge on society.
Outside the court, the 15-year-old girl's father said: ``They say that he was blind drunk and doesn't remember what he was doing.
But why do people think that the only way of enjoying a holiday is to get blind drunk and fight?
Osborne, from Somerset, wrote: "In my book, consent is consent, blind drunk or otherwise, and regret after the event cannot make it rape.