blind bend

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a curve or bend in the road that you cannot see around as you are driving


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Local councillor Graham Lambie said it was a matter of luck that there hadn't been more accidents at the blind bend, adding that he would like to see more investigation into the possibility of a reduction in speed limit and even a roundabout.
Recalling the crash near his home in Chesterfield, Derbys, he said: "A Mazda MX5 overtook another car on a blind bend.
McCabe - who was working for a taxi firm in Middlesbrough but was not on call at the time - simply stepped on the gas, repeatedly swerved on to the wrong side of the road and overtook on a blind bend at "excessive speed", said Mr Stranex.
A VAN driver who overtook on a blind bend caused a head-on crash, injuring another driver.
Goodwin, who now works for Jeremy Noseda and is a competitive cyclist, was out training and only a mile from his home when his racing bike was in collision with a van on a blind bend in Snailwell, near Newmarket.
It's understandable that Amwaj is still being built, but for contractors to put huge concrete blocks on the pavements to advertise themselves and force pedestrians off the pavements right on a blind bend with cars speeding by is not acceptable.
A group of ten-year-olds were taken within metres of a high speed train travelling at 125mph on a blind bend yesterday - by transport police.
He was also on the wrong side of the road on a blind bend.
A MUM who tried to overtake a lorry on a blind bend with her children in the back of a car crashed into a van - leaving the driver so badly injured he will have to have his leg amputated.
But it refuses to provide warning signs for the Barrows Lane /Brays Road roundabout even though there is a blind bend on the approach down the Brays Road Hill which could catch unwary drivers out.
You probably initiated the overtaking manoeuvre and Amir chose to follow but it was a blind bend - you could not see what was coming.
The lorry driver and a boy aged three, believed to be his son, were among victims of the crash on a blind bend in woodland near Bordeaux, south west France.
And then, there is the shiny black three piece suite - in good condition from one certified owner - carefully laid out in the middle of the Seamer Road on a blind bend on Monday night.
He turned left from Bancroft Road again into Close Hill Lane narrowly avoiding a collision with an oncoming vehicle on a blind bend and after driving on the wrong side of the road did another U-turn.
And as he took a blind bend on the A695 at e Devil's Bridge, Dilston, near Hexham, Li skidded and drifted into the opposite carriageway, colliding head-on with a Suzuki driven by mum Sheila Miller.