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a persistently annoying person

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Spiders: We're set for more spiders and daddy longlegs than usual this autumn thanks to more of the blighters breeding in last year's wet weather.
Now I'm all for conservation - the fiver it costs will go towards moving the little blighters into a new home - but that has to be the worst love token I've ever heard of.
A telly couple who quit their jobs to farm snails in Spain have given up on the slimy blighters.
They must have been so pleased to announce that they are pocketing pounds 1million a day profit - yet the greedy blighters decide that we need to pay even more for the now not so humble postage stamp.
The only building work which has gone on is where old stands have been condemned on safety grounds - so the greedy blighters who have suddenly turned up in the 15-a-side game have no more right to a return on their risk investment than any other business.
Then you find that the cheeky blighters have sent you one you didn't order.
Just when I thought all my bits and bobs were back in working order, this summer another of the little blighters appeared on the scene.
It would certainly be a lot cheaper than killing the little blighters.
At the same time you should also consider treating your dog for fleas, as the horrible little blighters can also carry tapeworm eggs.
Too many BBQ's have been sabotaged by the little blighters and all this time they were hiding in the tiniest holes above the windows.
But when I heard on Tuesday that those cheeky blighters at West Ham had filed a pounds 4 million bid, I almost spat my coffee out.
We were planting jungle-type plants like rheum, gunnera and macleaya so it must have been one of those hairy-leafed blighters.
Now I'm trying to get some compensation out of the blighters.
To try to recompense the poor blighters who lost all their cash and any hope of a merry Christmas thanks to the collapse of savings company Fare pak.
The evil blighters had clearly set the doll in motion.