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a persistently annoying person

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Blighter s new features will allow itsradarto protect coastlines from enemy forces including smugglers, pirates, and terrorists arriving on jet skies, kayaks, and rigid inflatable boats at a distance of 10 km.
This little blighter seemed prepared to keel over and meet his maker rather than degrade himself by sharing a trough.
CAMBRIDGE, England, Rabi'II 8, 1434, Feb 18, 2013, SPA -- New software for sensor and control systems by Britain's Blighter Surveillance Systems is available in multiple languages, including Arabic and Korean, UPI reported.
Firstly, if your baby is hungry, rather than taking a photo of it and lol-ing about your negligence when it comes to its nutrition, maybe try feeding the poor little blighter.
When the Blighter radar detects movement, the target is displayed on a map with information on its exact location, size and speed.
Well, if that's the case, you have just got the right book to get your little blighter settled down, tucked in, eyelids trembling, yawning too
The target reticle on the collimator may be much blighter when boresighting the new FLIR.
Good luck in 10th grade from a blighter, your fellow writer
Blighter engineers have also enhanced BlighterView to allow easy integration with standard video management systems (VMS) with ONVIF compliance.
I tried to ease his sense of fear; I cried 'Don't worry, I am here'; He looked at me as if I was daft And if goats could do so, he would have laughed To see such an earnest and concerned human face Trying to communicate with the goaty race; His rightful place was in the luscious green pasture next door And over the fence he must have jumped before; So I found the keeper of the animal paddocks I don't know his surname, let's call him Maddox; 'Not that little blighter again, He should learn to stay in his pen
NINJA Warrior UK's Rochelle Humes asking the audience to "give it up for" every blighter.
While we are all entitled to an opinion on the subject, it really is not amusing to talk of 'attempting to see off the blighter with a sharp right foot up his back end" (Russell's column, Sept 1).
I chased it around for 20 minutes then cornered the little blighter and put him in the garden.
Go Jo - and leave the blighter dangle", was on the lips of most of us on Tuesday night.