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It also serves as a befriending opportunity to those who probably don't see so many others to have a blether with.
The council reluctantly published this in its free magazine and offered some blether about `further consultation' with`hard-to-reachpeople', whoever they might be (this was not explained).
Since I found out I've had a good blether with him and I'm delighted for him to get the game.
The English FA took a principled stand against the squalid coronation of Sapp Blether (I think that's his name) in Zurich.
I managed to get a good blether with her but after a few Jack Daniel's, I found myself talkin' bull, which gave me the fear the next day.
We always decided that the week after the cup final we would sit down and have a blether.
There is resentment too, inside and outside the NHS, about the obsession with measurements, the meaningless blether of the think tank consultants and above all, the steady journey towards privatisation.
We'll both be desperate to win out there but no doubt we'll have a blether at the end.
On the evidence of this drama, these wise guys like nothing more than a good blether.
I thought he was just coming in for a blether and a cup of tea until he broke the news to me that Alice-Anne was dead.
I go up to do her hair regularly and we enjoy a wee catch-up and a blether about the characters.
Approaching her for a blether did not really seem like the right thing to do at the time.
The retired dad-of-two, phones eight pensioners for a chat once a fortnight as part of the charity's blether buddy scheme.