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highly favored or fortunate (as e.g. by divine grace)


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Blest Gana critica que los "folletines" "han viciado el buen gusto" (en Promis 120-121).
En la narrativa de Blest Gana se encuentran en pugna dos concepciones de mundo que se evidencian en las voces de la novela.
An emotionally naked and starkly beautiful examination of depression, Blest by the Dark Angel is both an introspective personal account of collapse and recovery and a manual for necessary self-care.
Blest Gana debe evocar un Chile que se aleja en el recuerdo tras largos anos vividos en Paris, un Chile que ademas se erige en un lugar de liderazgo en el contexto del continente, robustecido tras la Guerra del Pacifico, pero que tambien ha debido atravesar un momento de conflicto y division internos con la guerra civil del 91.
El uso de la descripcion en la novela El ideal de un Calavera (1863) de Blest Gana presenta ciertas caracteristicas observables tambien en otras obras del autor.
In addition to sidestepping the dubious nature of some recycling practices, the Blest Machine challenges the notion that discarded plastics last forever and can only be remade into other plastic products.
who, from our mothers' arms, has blest us on our way
The latter is an especially dysfunctional relationship that has disastrous consequences, since Sybil's feeling of being ignored by Romanov leads her to seek control over all of Blest and thus sets the major crisis in the novel into play simply to make him notice her.
If you and your girl are wag sporty, you can repeat up to 30 times for a serious ab blest.
If we use only the world's plastic waste, Blest CEO Akinori Ito explains, rather than oil from fields, carbon dioxide emissions could be dramatically decreased.
Los restantes nombres que coincidieron en las dos listas fueron Clotario Blest, Bernardo Leighton, monsenor Manuel Larrain, Fernando Vives, S.
Oh, love is blest, for behind its first bother, viols enchant.
I thank everyone involved in ensuring children are safe from harm and will be blest.
I suggest he takes a mobile pulpit to a JobCentre to tell its clientele how blest they are.