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Synonyms for blessing

Synonyms for blessing

a short prayer said at meals

something beneficial

Synonyms for blessing

a desirable state

a short prayer of thanks before a meal

a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection

the act of praying for divine protection


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Right after the blessing, the man raced off in his car and, later, Father Jeffrey learned that the car had gotten into a mishap.
After spending two years in episodic television, Blessing got his first television series "Small and Frye" in 1983.
St Thomas's Church in Gateshead holds a pet blessing ceremony with Bryson's Animal Rescue
The Abundance and Capacity of Blessings and Talents
There was even a blessing for successfully going to the bathroom.
3, British Columbia Bishop James Cowan announced he has authorized the blessing of same-sex unions in response to a request made by diocesan synod in March 2010.
Moses gets clear instructions from God on how a blessing should go, at least: "The Lord bless and keep you
As the races continued, the priest kept blessing long-shot horses, and each one ended up coming in first.
I suggest the omniscient narrator intended neither a bland salutation nor a deferential blessing.
All too often, we are more ready to count our sorrows rather than our blessings, perhaps because we take God's blessings for granted and resent the intrusion of our sorrows.
3 : something that makes a person happy or content <We enjoy the blessings of peace.
The Blessing of Blessings: Gregory of Narek's Commentary on the Song of Songs" is deftly translated work written in the ancient Armenian language by Roberta Ervine.
Decades ago and long before starting Blessing Construction, Ron Blessing knew that one day there would be a market for recycled concrete and asphalt.
We often speak of God blessing us in manifold ways, but how can we mortals offer any blessings to God?