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Synonyms for bless

Synonyms for bless

to make sacred by a religious rite

Synonyms for bless

confer prosperity or happiness on

Related Words

make the sign of the cross over someone in order to call on God for protection


render holy by means of religious rites

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Blesser and Salter present their volume as an introduction to aural architecture, an inherently multi-disciplinary inquiry into 'the properties of a space that can be experienced by listening' (p.
Mais peut-on manipuler les gens, les faire se dechirer entre eux, les blesser profondement sans que tout va nous revienne, sans que nous en subissions les consequences (Lavoie 1)?
Regarde donc, cher ami, lui dit Emma d'ume voix tranquille: voila la petite qui, en jouant, vient de se blesser par terre" [148]).
The Blessing begins with an important etymological consideration, linking the word "blessing" to the French verb blesser, to wound, to the Old English bletsian, to sprinkle with blood, and to Orr's conflation of these meanings: "To wound, to confer spiritual power, to sprinkle with blood" (4B).
HIDDEN VALLEY (39) - Ford 13, Masiak 8, Blesser 5, Dean 4, L.
Au Kenya, les organisateurs encouragent un rite alternatif de passage qui consiste a faire passer les filles de 12 a 13 ans par le meme genre de ceremonie, mais sans les blesser.
Campbell's description of bliss stems from the Old French blesser --the wound--hence he was much closer to Jung's notion than Tacey is prepared to admit.
Carol Blesser (Athens, 1996), 11; Dolly Lunt Burge, The Diary of Dolly Lunt Burge, 1848-1879, ed.
Chelsea, who is currently hitting the Senate campaign trail with her mother Hillary in New York, revealed her plans as they chatted to Northeastern Fine Jewellery owner Ray Blesser.
Using a five-point Likert scale, respondents rated from strongly disagree to strongly agree the roles played by fathers--abdicator, blesser, buddy, caretaker, counselor, effective, incompetent, ineffectual, interpreter, intruder, moral teacher, provider, role model, setter of limits, skills teacher, or social agent.
What she does seem to express in the later 1990s works (SRT and AWL) is a personal need to continue to be artist, lover, blesser of all that lives, one who spends whatever life is left "consciously embracing every glowing soul who wanders within our reach" (AWL, 146).
Members of Stone & Youngberg promoted to vice president include Mike Blake, in the Municipal Sales and Trading Group, based in San Francisco; Jason Aiello, in the Taxable Group, based in New York; Andrew Blesser, in the Taxable Group, based in Chicago; Mike Finley, in the Portfolio Strategy Group, based in Chicago; Jake Campos, in the Public Finance Group, based in San Francisco; Jared Boldemann, in the Private Client Group, based in San Francisco; John Hutchinson, in the Private Client Group, based in San Francisco; and J.
Aller au stade est devenue une aventure perilleuse; on peut se blesser et meme se faire tuer.