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  • noun

Synonyms for blessedness

the quality of being holy or sacred

a condition of supreme well-being and good spirits

Synonyms for blessedness

a state of supreme happiness

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Allah had chosen these people to be examples for His people and guides to His obedience and blessedness.
Loader's work is thorough, comprehensive, and characterized by a sound practical, theological, and ethical pattern of application to the way that the varied, sometimes ambiguous, not always consistent biblical notions about human sexual expressions and relationships can shape our behavior, health, and sexual blessedness today.
For to many the god has shown a glimpse of blessedness only to extirpate them in the end" (1.
Myra closed the service by reading a poem about the blessedness of Christmas which she had received in a card.
The promises to David of blessedness and kingship rendered by Psalms 1-2 seem to have failed.
He follows this with a statement concerning the status gloriae: "God as the object of blessedness is the essence itself of the blessed" (Deus Obiectum beatitudinis est ipsa essentia beatorum).
However, the committee's head indicated that they would go to the extent to bring the story to a happy ending, considering their mission to have gained the blessedness from all local sides.
Regarding Veena Malik TTP man said Blessedness door of God is open for every one if she really separated herself from showbiz then she is example for those women who show their bodies in showbiz industry.
25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned motivational speaker Al Diaz has found a new medium through which to express his life-affirming message of hope and blessedness.
The Minister for Human Rights called for availing of the spiritual atmospheres throughout the holy month of Ramadan to benefit from the exchanging of visits and communication amongst all partners on the Kingdom of Bahrain's soil, asserting that the tradition of Ramadan majlises in Bahrain has been inherited from the fathers and forefathers and that such majlises reflect aspects of tolerance, forgiveness, amity and brotherliness in Bahrain wherein the united family composed of diverse members of the community converge together into amity, blessedness and goodness, aspiring that this blessed month yields fruits of rapprochement between all segments of the community and cementing mutual trust and alleviating strife or tension.
For now, she wrote in her diary of Tom, "In his last letter to me he spoke of our precious Ellie, and of the blessedness of being with her in heaven.
Blessedness does not exist as something apart from God; it is found in one's loving response to God.
What is most surprising, however, is that he sees religion as providing real salvation for the many, for those without the opportunity to embark on the "arduous way" (40) of philosophical salvation: "men can achieve blessedness simply through obedience without understanding.
For John Ball there was in this night's parading, for all the fear in it, a kind of blessedness, here was borne away with yesterday's remoteness, an accumulated tedium, all they'd piled on since enlistment day: a whole unlovely order this night would transubstantiate, lend some grace to.