blessed event

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the live birth of a child

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While it may come as a shock to family and friends, Linda and I would like to share a Christmas miracle of our own, a blessed event if you will.
That blessed event 6 which is a distinct possibility given Kate's age (30) and her acute morning sickness [hyperemesis gravidarum] 6 would raise some intriguing possibilities.
Some have been written from the perspective of the animals present at the Birth while others have been in the voice of people of the time who were touched by the Blessed Event.
Genetic testing found that these babies' maternal and what would be paternal DNA was identical at multiple locations, making the chances that a daddy snake actually was involved in the blessed event vanishingly small.
Mark your calendars, spread the word and join us in prayer each day for a truly anointed and blessed event.
So a populist revolt in Bahrain for full civil rights is a crisis that must be crushed by force, but a revolt in Syria is a blessed event that deserves support.
Mothers danced incessantly in circles to express their happiness over the blessed event.
But he's got a great back catalog to choose from, a colorful life full of stories to tell and, if the blessed event occurs by then, he may even have pictures of niece Angelina Jolie's new twins.
Danehurst (Danehill - Miswaki Belle, by Miswaki) is a multiple Group-winning sprinter who was second in the Group 1 Golden Jubilee Stakes, while Testament (Darshaan - Blessed Event, by King's Lake) and Choirgirl (Unfuwain - Choir Mistress, by Chief Singer) are both from the family of Group 1 Pretty Polly Stakes winner Chorist.
All four of the other productions of the play I have seen recently drew sharp distinctions between Leontes' wintry kingdom of Sicilia, where events keep going from bad to worse and even the blessed event of childbirth is viewed with hostility by the king, and the joyous, albeit fleeting, green-world festivity of Bohemians on holiday.
Many families invite their relatives and close friends to witness this blessed event at their church, and then serve a meal afterwards to celebrate.
One Last Thought: "When you live in the shadow of insanity, the appearance of another mind that thinks and talks as yours does is something close to a blessed event.
Allowing for the crimes and misdemeanors that are often committed in the name of angels by merchants and popularizers, today's angel phenomenon would seem to be a blessed event.
So when I learned there was going to be a birth on Star Trek: Voyager, I was filled with anticipation of the blessed event.
Before their blessed event, they regularly dressed up for exciting Saturday nights of mining and dining, dancing and romancing and 3 a.