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  • verb

Synonyms for bless

Synonyms for bless

to make sacred by a religious rite

Synonyms for bless

confer prosperity or happiness on

Related Words

make the sign of the cross over someone in order to call on God for protection


render holy by means of religious rites

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Bless, who is 12, was rescued and taken to a police station after she was hit by a car.
Bless the origins of American popular music: Negro spirituals, ragtime, Delta Blues, New Orleans Jazz, rock and roll.
those who bless you be blessed,' which Isaac gave to Jacob-in-disguise and withheld from Esau.
And then bedlam again reigned, as we all got up from the table (since it is our custom for everyone to perform re'haz) and I realized that this bedlam was the same as on any normal Friday or holiday evening when we all get up to wash our hands and bless God Who commanded us to perform the libations over the hands, prior to the mozi (the blessing over bread).
NASA put all its eggs in one basket, but not all equipment needs such precision," Bless says.
While some blessings are reserved for ordained ministers--especially if the blessing is part of a sacrament--our church teaches that laypeople are called to bless others and are especially encouraged to do so within the family.
Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name" is the way the psalmist begins Psalm 103.
I bless you with Job's suffering, which cleansed his golden halo of
Nurdame lives in a remote Turkish village in the 1950s and weaves prayer rugs renowned among merchants for their beautifully intricate patterns, and among brides and their families for their power to bless a marriage.
So she substitutes N'varekh et eyn ha-hayyim, "let us bless the source (or well, wellspring, fountain) of life" for the traditional wording.
Earlier, the Lutheran council had ratified a motion "to reconsider a local option for pastors and congregations to bless same-gender couples.
The fact that Sidon was a more prosperous area just made it harder to bear that God's prophet would bless somebody there while Israel suffered from drought.
Joey Karpowicz asked the priest as he made his way through rows of cars to bless his 1965 Schwinn bicycle.
Bless My Child: A Catholic Mother's Prayer Book by Julie Cragon offers mothers a rich variety of prayers for eery occasion.