blended whisky

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mixture of two or more whiskeys or of a whiskey and neutral spirits

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Angus Dundee Distillers sends a significant proportion of its blended whisky overseas to be bottled.
Glengoyne Distillery, near Glasgow, is holding a Burns Blending Session in which you can make your own, unique blended whisky from hundreds of samples and then enjoy a haggis dinner.
With such skill and ability to produce the perfect dram of blended whisky, the team at the distillery are local heroes.
The prices of imported whiskies continue to fall, to the ridiculous point where many of the more popular and better-known Scottish blended whisky brands are cheaper here than they are in the UK Highly unusual single Scotch malts are available at discerning off-licenses in my neighborhood for prices unthinkable in Scotland, never minding the fact that you can't buy them there in the first place.
Famous Grouse is the largest selling blended whisky in Scotland and consists of more than 65% grain whiskies including North British and Cambus.
Luxury blended whisky Chivas Regal could be one answer as it has launched a set of limited-edition gift tins.
Or try a sophisticated Manhattan by mixing one and a half ounces blended whisky with half an ounce of sweet or dry vermouth.
Two Scottish drinks firms have joined forces to make the first blended whisky to be matured in beer barrels.
EDINBURGH, Scotland -- Whisky Live, the whisky sampling showcase which now comprises 26 annual events in 17 countries, will return to San Francisco's Highland Games in 2010, following a hugely successful debut at the 2009 games where over 19,000 drams of the world's best single malts and premium blended whisky were enjoyed.
But The Lakes Distillery is already producing a special British Isles blended whisky, aptly called The One, which is now on sale.
A standard blended whisky such as Bells, Teachers or Grouse is fine, but there is an immense range of whisky styles to explore that will open the eyes of the most jaded drinker.
com IF you're still unsure as to whether it's a smooth single malt or a blended whisky that does it for you, a new book could help you decide.
Choose from Sainsbury's Finest old matured five-year-old blended whisky or Sainsbury's Islay Pure Malt.