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Synonyms for blemish

Synonyms for blemish

something that mars the appearance or causes inadequacy or failure

a mark of discredit or disgrace

Synonyms for blemish

mar or spoil the appearance of

mar or impair with a flaw

add a flaw or blemish to


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With these new products, Eisai now offers two different CHOCOLA BB product lines, CHOCOLA BB PLUS(R) in a red package for acne and skin troubles ("Red CHOCOLA") and CHOCOLA(R) BB Lucent C in a blue package for blemishes and brown spots ("Blue CHOCOLA"), and as a result, the company aims to increase benefits to wider consumers in society
The finding shows that blemishes are not only caused by ultraviolet B rays, well known for creating sunburn by penetrating the top layers of the skin, but also through the combination of benzopyrene and ultraviolet A rays, the company said.
It is better to apply your concealer after foundation, because slight blemishes or shadows can be hidden with foundation alone.
Proactiv Solution, the trusted leader in blemish treatment for 15 years, introduces New Proactiv , the same effective pharmaceutical-grade benzoyl peroxide formula that revolutionized the treatment of blemishes now enhanced with micro-crystal technology.
31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Theraderm reveals the incredible solution to blemishes and acne with itsReversion Clear Skin system.
It's rich in skin goodies to help banish blemishes as well as hiding them.
Thee products include Blemish Control Lotion for when spots are inflamed; Intense Spot Lotion, a pocket sized dispenser to treat blemishes on the go; and Maintenance Serum for when spots are under control.
The Blemish and Age Cleansing Gel contains exfoliating acids plus non-drying cleansing agents, targeting blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tones and sun-damaged skin.
Strawberry Extract helps control blemishes and smells great too.
Packed with natural ingredients, the serum contains willow bark extract to help clear blemishes, eliminate bacteria, unblock pores, purify and gently tone the skin, said a statement.
Blemishes did have the chance to errupt and remained subdued and easy to cover.
To attack major blemishes, go for benzoyl peroxide (Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment, $5.
When appearance is a priority, as in cosmetics packaging, gating from the back of the substrate via a pin is preferred since it hides gate blemishes on the TPE.
No doubt some moved to flawless pastures and left their blemishes behind.