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Synonyms for blemished

marred by imperfections

having a blemish or flaw


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The range includes blemished skin cleanser, toner and moisturiser as well as a blemish skin mask.
For long-lasting lipstick, apply lip primer followed by a sweep of concealer and powder then apply lipstick, ensuring the lip colour stays true For dryer or more mature skin always use a cream blusher, creating a dewy look and preventing the cheeks from appearing flat Yellow-based concealers are more effective for blemished skin as they neutralise the blemish and soften its appearance For bright eyes, examine the tone of the skin - purple tones need yellow-based concealer and brown/grey tones need peach-based concealer.
It's common knowledge that applying natural substances like Vitamin C and E to the skin can help repair broken or blemished skin and discourage--seven helps prevent--scarring.
It rejects any cap or closure blemished with a missing line, deep cut, goemetrical defect, or even just dirt.
11 WLAN technologies is blemished, but advances in the technology make it possible to implement a WLAN that is more secure than a wired network.