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Synonyms for bleep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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emit a single short high-pitched signal

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As the test proceeds, the interval between each bleep reduces, forcing the athlete to increase speed over the course of the test, and completion is rare.
Here are some tips to help you do just that: Bleep test plus: Apply the test to long-distance runs, interval training, cycling up and down hills, swimming with different strokes, aerobic classes, spin, outdoor fitness classes or circuit training.
PETER Whittingham led the way in bleep tests against fellow senior professionals.
Before the bleeps were filtered you would not know why you were getting bleeped and you could have been with someone who was very ill.
England team sponsors Vodafone have spent pounds 1million developing a sonic gadget which automatically bleeps out bowlers and fielders grunting four-letter words on air.
While most of their synth-pop contemporaries shed their skin to fit each passing season's set of bleeps and beats, Andy Bell and Vince Clarke of Erasure have stayed remarkably true to their original marriage of bittersweet love songs and electronic Europop.
Moreover, the strings of bleeps received probably would not be the natural language of the aliens, any more than Morse code is the natural, everyday language of mankind.
Flashing lights and video screens on the dashboard and audible bleeps from the cars loud speakers all suggest distracting the driver too much.
with a couple of bleep bleeps in there," the New York Daily News quoted Lopez as telling Access Hollywood.
You try again in desperation and the machine bleeps incorrect.
That's why Ian Blaine, chief executive officer of thePlatform, is developing technology to minimize the blips and bleeps of content delivery.
It's a device which you attach to your key ring and then, when you lose your keys - something that happens with monotonous regularity to me - you just whistle or shout and the device bleeps at you.
As the objects get closer the bleeps become more frequent, with a continuous tone taking over from approximately 30cm to prevent disaster.
said, "When the winning products are played and heard, there will be no misconceptions of bleeps and blips anymore.