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Deficiency of protein, vitamins, iron etc can show on the skin as red scaly and bronzed patches, or dry scaly skin with small papules, or small bleeding points under the skin, or hypo or hyper pigmentation.
Intraoperatively, spleen was found to be enlarged, friable with lacerated inferior pole and multiple bleeding points.
Your doctor can inspect the lining of the nose and "zap" any offending bleeding points with a special stick containing the corrosive chemical, silver nitrate.
Medics managed to resuscitate Mrs Martin and took her back to theatre where the bleeding points were found by an emergency team of surgeons, but her condition continued to deteriorate in intensive care and she died that night.
For this reason, multidetector row computed tomographic angiography was obtained, which showed active bleeding points at the right cornu of the uterus (Fig.