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LCI mode is quite efficient in detecting the bleeding points during ESD, while WLE mode is recommended for the dissection procedure to avoid vascular damage.
In cold steel group hemostasis was secured by ligation of the bleeding points.
If no significant bleeding points were detected and accumulation of blood in the posterior nares was observed, intractable posterior epistaxis was suspected.
Price index of Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) ended the Thursday session in the manner it was opened early in the day, bleeding points, and that was for the second day in a row.
Deficiency of protein, vitamins, iron etc can show on the skin as red scaly and bronzed patches, or dry scaly skin with small papules, or small bleeding points under the skin, or hypo or hyper pigmentation.
Intraoperatively, spleen was found to be enlarged, friable with lacerated inferior pole and multiple bleeding points.
Once the bleeding points have been established, they form a dotted line that outlines the incision.
Presence of signs of periodontal disease was high for this group of mothers showing a 63% prevalence of bleeding points, which implies the presence of an active inflammation process at the time of dental examination.
Your doctor can inspect the lining of the nose and "zap" any offending bleeding points with a special stick containing the corrosive chemical, silver nitrate.
Medics managed to resuscitate Mrs Martin and took her back to theatre where the bleeding points were found by an emergency team of surgeons, but her condition continued to deteriorate in intensive care and she died that night.
What I am considering is you may potentially see signs of bleeding in the small veins and end organs, and it would be in areas we don't normally look: bleeding points in the gums, or potentially in the eyeballs or the fingernails.
A second laparotomy was performed two hours later, at which a haemoperitoneum of 600 ml was found with generalized oozing but no identifiable bleeding points.