bleeding heart

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Synonyms for bleeding heart

garden plant having deep-pink drooping heart-shaped flowers

someone who is excessively sympathetic toward those who claim to be exploited or underprivileged

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I KNOW the arguments; I'm aware of the bleeding heart liberals; I'm even conscious of the fact that mistakes might, just might, be made.
Who could resist the passionate message implicit in the gift of a containergrown bleeding heart (dicentra spectabilis), whose stems produce exquisite pinky-red, heart-shaped flowers with tiny, tear-like white petals?
And in his determination to become Tory leader he was as prepared to suppress the truth about his personal life as he was to dump his hard right Thatcherite convictions for a phoney, caring, bleeding heart image.
Ah, this would probably be too harsh for the bleeding heart liberals.
He said "For every sentence, for every tough new law, for every sensible measure, there are some bleeding heart liberals who are there wanting to get them off, get them out, and reduce their sentence.
He added: "For every sentence, every tough new law, every sensible measure, there are some bleeding heart liberals wanting to get them off, get them out and reduce their sentence.
Ross has been able to take time out from filming on the BBC TV series since Grant fled to Cyprus to nurse his bleeding heart.
This not only presents a laughable snapshot of bleeding heart Britain but a sublime possibility.
Now I'm as bleeding heart liberal as the next man - so long as the next man isn't Dracula - but this is bad.
Rather than sing, the 23-year-old (whose claim to fame is a wild 'do and a former relationship with Ashlee Simpson) gasps, squeals and rasps his way through one bleeding heart anthem after another: ``From the Start,'' ``Photo,''``Last Night.
So the bleeding heart liberals can't pretend that this is some sort of knee-jerk Tory reaction.
Hold On and House Where Nobody Lives are real bleeding heart epics which fill you up like a sentimental old fool.
This did not start yesterday, but our bleeding heart politicians have been hiding their head in the sand on this one.
The words really hurt and they cut like a knife with no way of mending a bleeding heart.
I notice that his bleeding heart is not tempted to launch military action against the junta in Burma, which actually jails and tortures Britons and locks up the Opposition leader.