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forward edge of an airfoil

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Real-time applications currently reside on the bleeding edge of Android technology.
In our community, we know of too many times when we've stepped over the leading edge onto the bleeding edge and suffered for it.
I'd advise people to focus on cutting-edge systems, but not bleeding edge," says Allen, whose firm has designed dining areas and other student life spaces at such schools as MIT and Northeastern University (Mass.
It is remarkable and encouraging that political appointees understand such bleeding edge technologies and are focused on gathering counterparty risk data at this level of detail and at this time.
Sadder still is that the lemming like behaviour of those who would be bleeding edge businesses continues unabated.
As it moves from bleeding edge to the general market, you have to start improving the management features.
Innovative teacher education units across the United States are reaching for opportunities to maintain the bleeding edge of understanding and integrating technology in successful and appropriate manners, which may also lead to thoughtful reflection as to the state and reasoning behind "why we do what we do.