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Synonyms for bleat

Synonyms for bleat

the sound of sheep or goats (or any sound resembling this)

Related Words

talk whiningly

cry plaintively

References in classic literature ?
The kid was still bleating as Meriem started rapidly in its direction, which she knew was straight toward a certain water hole which had once been famous as a rendezvous for lions.
Thus, then, did we wait in great fear of mind till morning came, but when the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared, the male sheep hurried out to feed, while the ewes remained bleating about the pens waiting to be milked, for their udders were full to bursting; but their master in spite of all his pain felt the backs of all the sheep as they stood upright, without being sharp enough to find out that the men were underneath their bellies.
Summary: The goats began bleating after seeing their owner standing a little distance away
On palpation of the occipital bone between the two horns leads to bleating.
Then, as usual, we have had the letters to the ECHO from the likes of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) and other animal rights protesters writing in with their bleating and moaning about the race and meeting.
DAVID Cameron says his opponents should stop bleating on about austerity.
The lever manipulates the size of the call's sound chamber, so a hunter can shift from the deep call of a mature buck to the high-pitched sound of a bleating fawn with just a simple flick of the lever.
BLEATING Huhne All of them paid and trusted to serve us, who arrogantly laughed at any form of accountability as they filled their boots.
It is time for Sir Richard to stop bleating and using hype but be honest and say we ran it badly and deserved to lose.
As EastEnders star Jessie Wallace tries to get over the trauma of having to cancel her wedding, her ex-fianc Vince Morse has been bleating about how upset he is.
He had seen me and proceeded straight up the hill, bleating as he came, to stand beside me, obviously seeking simple nonspecific companionship--I guessed he was a castaway.
It comes with a silencer cap to prevent bleating in your pack or pocket.
TOWN halls were accused of bleating about funding cuts - just one week before the spending review swipes an expected 30% from their budgets.
THE vile woman caught urinating on a war memorial and performing a sex act beside it yesterday issued a bleating "apology".
Close your ears to bleating from the Premier League.