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The cut and thrust of political debate obviously failed to keep some bleary eyed peers awake yesterday.
According to a source on the set of her CW show 'The Beautiful Life', some days Barton used to show up to work so bleary that they had to hold up filming.
By the third round, though, Hamed's succinct assaults had Sanchez bleary, bewildered, and as bedazzled as his gold-glitter trunks.
It ended with Neil McConville, 21, from Bleary near Craigavon, Co Armagh, being shot dead after a chase in April 2003.
WHAT THEY tell you is not what really happened,'' Bruce Willis' bleary, disembodied voice tells us in the opening moments of Richard Donner's intermittently efficient cop movie, ``16 Blocks.
As we set our alarm clocks at the start of a bleary eyed month of football thrills, it is sad to think that Stephen Gerrard and Danny Murphy will not be there to be part of it.
Barbiturates (and amphetamines, before the Warhol set popularized speed) may have been square drugs, but they were still drugs; the glazed housewives and hyper executives who popped them asserted the same bleary personal autonomy differing merely in style from the average hippy on psilocybin.
The trio sported bleary eyes and dishevelled hair as they left the glitzy bash.
She later popped into a mate's house in Camden for two hours and emerging bleary eyed and unsteady.
Which left our Which left our Kate to emerge bleary-eyed ate bleary into the street at very nearly 7am.
Just 24 hours earlier, newly single Wills looked bleary emerging from nearby nightspot Mahiki after a boozy farewell party for his brother.
Speaking at a meeting of Craigavon Council before Christmas, Mr Smith objected to plans for a mosque at Cranny Road, Bleary, saying: "The Muslims have a right to worship but this is not the place.
Unless you go in knowing a lot about the music, the Manchester attitude and Wilson's idealistic but ridiculous business plan for his Factory record label, you're not going to learn a whole lot from this bleary docufarce.
7 billion industry, a seal of approval can go a long way, especially when consumers become bleary eyed due to the clutter of choices, Zimmerman said.
If I am a bit bleary eyed at Bradford you'll know why?