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Synonyms for blatherskite

Synonyms for blatherskite

foolish gibberish


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Blatherskite Park plays host to some of Central Australias most iconic events such as the Camel Cup, Alice Springs Show and the Masters Games and is home to 16 regular user groups, Mr Paech said.
As an example, the Oxford Dictionaries quote: "Politicians get away all the time with obscurantist blatherskite.
While some words, like blatherskite, seem ripe for revival in the age of Boris and Trump, the 16th and 17th centuries are also rich with insults that could be dusted down and used again: Bedswerver (adulterer), fopdoodle (insignificant or foolish man), loiter-sack (slacker), lubberwort (stupid person), muck-spout (constantly swears), a raggabrash (disorganised or grubby person) and cumberworld, meaning useless person, and not to be confused with Cumberbatch, who is a national treasure.
Just call him a blatherskite or even a snollygoster in reply.
Well you might accuse someone using such language of being a blatherskite, a person who talks nonsense, but these long-forgotten words are ready to make a comeback.
The primary implication for business communication of the positive sort is to recognize that it must face reality early; it must embrace the public generously and openly, and it must deal with the inevitable sides of its behavior and actions with refreshing openness rather than the traditional denial couched in organization blatherskite.
The Angels will headline the action-packed Friday program which will first see the Official Red CentreNATS Street Parade rumble through the streets of Alice Springs before heading to Blatherskite Park.
That blatherskite raised a huge red flag for some of us who are keenly following this story
Kimit Muston is an adlepated amateur who is an arrogant automaton, a blithering blatherskite.
1 million to construct and upgrade renal clinics; $2 million for Sadadeen Primary School to refurbish and extend its multi-purpose assembly hall; $2 million for an all-weather athletics track and associated field sports including javelin, jumps, shot put, discus, pole-vault and hammer throws to be developed at Centralian Middle School; $750,000 for carpark upgrades at Watarrka National Park; $750,000 to upgrade air-conditioning at Ti Tree School; $400 000 to improve facilities at Blatherskite Park; $100,000 to upgrade the Alice Springs Womens Shelter.
Warning: After the Stanley Cup Finals end tonight in Jersey, ESPN blatherskite Chris Berman migrates to Chicago to get in the camera's way during coverage of golf's U.
BLATHERSKITES, CHARLIE AND THE FUNK FACTORY: The Jam House, St Pauls Square, Birmingham.
There is a genuine worry that newspaper journalists will be driven out of business by a tidal wave of blogging or twittering blatherskites.