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We find it was a town hand,' said Blathers, continuing his report; 'for the style of work is first-rate.
said Blathers, drawing his coat-sleeve across his mouth; 'it's dry work, this sort of duty.
A little drop of spirits, master, if it's all the same,' replied Blathers.
That crack down in the back lane at Edmonton, Blathers,' said Mr.
It was a robbery, miss, that hardly anybody would have been down upon,' said Blathers.
Blathers, putting down his wine-glass, and clinking the handcuffs together.
Losberne for Oliver's appearance if he should ever be called upon; and Blathers and Duff, being rewarded with a couple of guineas, returned to town with divided opinions on the subject of their expedition: the latter gentleman on a mature consideration of all the circumstances, inclining to the belief that the burglarious attempt had originated with the Family Pet; and the former being equally disposed to concede the full merit of it to the great Mr.
WITH the obvious exception of that odd chap who blathers on every other Monday I think the Journal has some excellent contributions from its columnists and letter writers.
He fails to address anything that was said and blathers on about oil and gas not being there 200 years ago.