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Blathers, putting down his wine-glass, and clinking the handcuffs together.
Losberne for Oliver's appearance if he should ever be called upon; and Blathers and Duff, being rewarded with a couple of guineas, returned to town with divided opinions on the subject of their expedition: the latter gentleman on a mature consideration of all the circumstances, inclining to the belief that the burglarious attempt had originated with the Family Pet; and the former being equally disposed to concede the full merit of it to the great Mr.
Like bicycling old maids and long shadows on cricket grounds, there are few things still guaranteed to make a certain sector of this country go misty-eyed and blather on about bootstraps and backbone.
No corporate spin or focus group blather, Wherever you speak, admirers gather.
Every now and then, you get a timely reminder that the rubbish we all blather on about goes generally unnoticed.
Every now and then you get a timely reminder that the rubbish we all blather on about goes generally unnoticed" - Pub landlord comedian Al Murray (pictured).
With one tongue in cheek and another firmly between cheeks, a mountain of blather and flannel accumulates as the vagaries of film finance are revealed.
There's got to be a place Where all like me can gather, Where we can settle down To talk sense or just blather.
And as they see it, that makes Ford an adulterer who "loved to sit with tawdry reporters and blather about sex.
Let's face it, we Irish like to blather on about having the oldest language in the world, our own unique heritage, blah, blah, blah, but the fact of the matter is, cupla focail is about the extent most of us have.
Regarding one judge using intentionally falsified campaign materials to mislead the public as to her experience and position, an after the fact apology subsequent to her apparent victory and acceptance of a public "reprimand" is a pitifully inadequate response if the ethical standards for judicial candidates are ever to become any more than the meaningless blather they currently are.
My hope is most people disregard this kind of blather as completely irrelevant to their lives.
others blather on with adjectives and nouns, so much unnecessary hype;
Scholars mostly from Bowling Green State University present the type of multi-cultural perspective on current events and conditions that make rabid right-wingers blather about communist barbarians.
But now we have to question some of the blather that comes from this cornucopia of promises.