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How many universal life policies have been sold with premiums based on blatantly false mortality projections, assumed increases in future interest rates and assumed lapse funding?
That means either that Congress rarely passes laws that are blatantly unconstitutional--or that the government's lawyers can almost always find a "viable argument" to save them.
The late Flip Wilson--one of the most visible (and blatantly nonpolitical) celebrities at the Movement's height--is revealed to be a closet revolutionary of sorts; Wilson owned his own self-titled show and left the spotlight on his terms.
What about those who have left because their own denomination blatantly rejected Scripture?
In emerging and lower-profit recycling markets, the "bad-actor" label can extend beyond the blatantly illegal.
For many months the International Red Cross Committee, Amnesty International, and several other Human Rights organizations have warned the Bush administration and military heads that the Geneva Conventions were being blatantly ignored in Guantanamo, Afghanistan, and Iraq prisons.
Instead, they blatantly assume their word is law, their authority unchallenged.
Simpson asks quite blatantly and crudely, "Do you believe and follow the God of the Old Testament, or the God of the New Testament?
Redl (like Flavin, and in opposition to Holzer) unhooks his signage medium from any verbal message, but, already delicately balanced between its commercial connotations and formal properties, when the work is installed in a blatantly commercial context-as in Redl's piece at the Madison Avenue Calvin Klein store-it might as well be an ad.
The Romanians won with a double from Laurenti Dinita, who blatantly dived for the penalty that allowed skipper Rome Paduret to score.
But when white officers kill a black boy, and Evie's father is a witness to this blatantly racist act (he doesn't believe the boy would have been shot so quickly if he were white), Evie's father feels he must end this kind of police corruption by convicting the guilty officers .
In the hands of Sanasarian, the Iranian post-revolutionary state becomes a multi-vocal and in many ways flexible institutional entity whose blatantly discriminatory minority policies are often open to negotiation, local variations, and even input by mi nority groups.
The Clinton scandals were all magnified because the Clintonistas lied so blatantly and ruthlessly assaulted their accusers.
A legislative proposal to give $50 million to private and parochial schools is being strongly opposed by a bi-partisan group of lawmakers and educators who call the proposal blatantly unconstitutional.
One of his most arresting examples is a wholesaler who blatantly lied about the wine ha rvest in the Beaujolais and who almost got away with it.