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In our study, the time of blastulation was accelerated in FBS supplemented groups compared with those supplemented by BSA during IVM (data not shown).
Differential patterns of blastulation in bovine morulae cultured in synthetic oviduct fluid medium containing FCS or BSA.
Blastulation rate included all embryos not transferred on day 3 that reached blastocyst stage; no significant difference between the two groups were noted.
05) for all embryo developmental parameters (early dividing embryos, good quality (day 2 and 3) and blastulation rate) in group B.
The proportions of cleavage, blastulation, hatching of embryos out of the total treated oocytes and the proportions of post-thaw surviving and hatching out of the total cryopreserved embryos were subjected to are sin transformation and analyzed by one-way analysis of variance.
In these results, as in the studies with chlorpyrifos alone, sea urchin embryos were relatively insensitive during cleavage divisions and blastulation, but displayed high sensitivity at the mid-blastula 2 stage.