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any cell resulting from cleavage of a fertilized egg

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SK: Blastomeres from morulas are indeed pluripotent.
Embryo B is an early blastocyst that has an extruded degenerated blastomere.
Removal of Lysed Blastomeres from Frozen-Thawed Cleavage Stage Embryos Improves Implantation and Pregnancy Rates in Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycles," (2005) 84 Fertility and Sterility 1606.
16) provide compelling evidence that embryo morphology 2 days after insemination is predominantly determined by the properties of the oocyte, whereas the blastomere cleavage rate is simultaneously influenced by both the sperm cell and the oocyte.
Since they were able to generate stem cell lines from these blastomeres, the report theorizes that researchers could remove the cell from an embryo, establish a cell line, then replace the blastomere in the embryo and implant it in a uterus.
Sixteen embryos were killed to retrieve 91 blastomeres, from which two stem cell lines were derived, the research showed.
But it still can make an absolutely beautiful blastomere.
The initial cleavage plane parallels that of the egg axis in most bivalves causing the egg to divide into one smaller blastomere AB and a larger CD.
Blastomere separation (sometimes called twinning after the naturally occurring process that creates identical twins) involves splitting a developing embryo soon after fertilisation of the egg by a sperm (sexual reproduction) to give rise to two or more embryos.
And Conference organisers the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology said: "We, along with the rest of the world, reject blastomere transplantation.
It is notable, then, that ACT's proprietary "embryo-safe" Single Blastomere technique for deriving human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), documented in Nature and CELL Stem Cell magazines and elsewhere, does not require destruction of the embryo and as a consequence may not be directly affected by this ruling.
The ability of developing human embryos to accept blastomere transplants and integrate them into their architecture offers proof-of-principle that single gene diseases might be treatable at the embryonic stage of life, according to a report in the April issue of Fertility & Sterility.
In both instances the zygote starts to divide if conditions are favorable; first to form a blastomere of eight, then sixteen cells, and ultimately to form around day five a blastocyst.
Collaboration with Roslin Cells for storage and distribution of embryonic stem cells using ACT's Blastomere Technology
Injection of Lucifer Yellow, a fluorescent dye injected into single blastomere to detect the effect of RNAi in compacted embryos, could not transfer into all the blastomeres (Bevilacqua et al.