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asexual reproduction by budding

theory that inherited characteristics are transmitted by germ plasm

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Similarly, 10 images were used to characterize hemolymph composition in intact colonies fixed during their midcycle blastogenic stage.
The blastogenic responses to pokeweed mitogen and PHA were significantly reduced (p<.
Every blastogenic cycle concludes with a synchronized phase of regression called takeover, during which all zooids in a colony die, primarily by apoptosis, and are replaced by a new generation of asexually derived zooids.
During the last stage of a typical blastogenic cycle (the takeover stage), all zooids in a colony regress over a 24- to 30-h period through the death of all visceral tissues, primarily by apoptosis (Lauzon et al.
These changes often led to the death of previously separated ramets from a given genet simultaneously within the same blastogenic cycle.
Life span was recorded as number of blastogenic cycles until death.
Cr-supplementation was also shown to induce a higher Concanavalin-A stimulated blastogenic response of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in production-stressed cows as compared to controls (Burton et al.
This phenomenon, called colony resorption, occurs at the end of the synchronized weekly blastogenic cycle in which the old generation of zooids dies through a programmed apoptotic event (Lauzon et al.
schlosseri pair genets was performed during developmental stages A-C of the blastogenic cycle (described in Milkman, 1967).
Transplantations were also done at different points of the blastogenic cycle (Milkman, 1967) to test for any variability in the alloresponse.
This phenomenon, called "colony resorption" Rinkevich and Weissman, 1987b), typically occurs at the end of a blastogenic cycle and appears to be controlled genetically by a multilevel hierarchial organization of histocompatibility alleles (Rinkevich, 1993; Rinkevich et al.
Observations on the contact sites and colonies were made under the dissecting microscope at least once a week to confirm the location of "each partner" in the chimera in accordance with the developing buds during successive blastogenic cycles.
Every 5 days at 21 [degrees] C, the blastogenic (asexual) cycle concludes in a phase of programmed cell and zooid death called takeover, during which all zooids, each containing a functional heart, nervous and digestive systems simultaneously die by an apoptotic process over a 24-h period and are replaced by a new asexual generation of zooids (Lauzon et al.
Furthermore, both transcripts were expressed during all stages of the blastogenic cycle in Botryllus ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED], panel B).
RNA from various developmental stages were translated with a rabbit reticulocyte lysate with 35S-methionine and analyzed by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis to examine patterns of gene expression between different stages of the blastogenic cycle.