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an undifferentiated embryonic cell

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In such Member States the in vitro blastocyte would not be an embryo, and the taking of pluripotent HeS from the blastocyte would not, therefore, result in the destruction of an embryo or its use as a base material.
Jaros divided our class into boys and girls and in one week's time, five successive days beginning after lunch, I knew the textbook purpose of fallopian tubes, vas deferens, sperm, egg, blastocyte, embryo, and menstruation, but the sex act itself remained foggy.
Already legislation, in the United Kingdom and Europe has been proposed to prohibit the use of dells beyond the blastocyte stage and before the development of the notochord.
After fertilization occurs, the rapidly dividing cells of the blastocyte implant in the uterine wall.
He said the centre had recently introduced a technique - also in use at Aldridge - known as blastocyte culture.