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At the blastocyst stage, however, sodium pumping on the part of the trophoblast results, through osmosis, in the drawing of water into the blastocoel, enlarging the blastocyst within the zone pellucida.
These differences are also shown in Figure 4A to E, where the HP or HA exposed groups exhibited embryo developmental morphology, blastocoel cavity expansion, and embryo quality that were superior to the control.
1 Degeneration -- -- Space between the trophoblast -- -- Expanded blastocoel -- -- Degenerative cells between -- -- the ZP and trophoblasts Trophoblast Microvilli; long -- -- Microvilli; scanty -- -- Degeneration -- -- Lipid droplet; rich + + Lipid droplet; large (mm) (1) p+ 3 p+ 5.
Effects of fetal calf serum, amino acids, vitamins and insulin on blastocoel formation and hatching of in vitro and IVM/IVF derived porcine embryos developing in vitro.
blastocoels becomes an embryo when a condensation of cells, known as