blasting cap

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a small tube filled with detonating substances

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Hook the M51 blasting cap test set to the control box using the two-wire pigtailed cable.
Gorenberg makes it clear that the Temple Mount is a "sacred blasting cap," likely to explode at the slightest provocation.
The device used a blasting cap and a standard antipersonnel mine to generate a charge.
Confiscated from Juromee, Lorelei, and Andy were bomb components such 6 blasting caps, one blasting cap assembly, and 4 feet electrical detonating cord; one fragmentation grenade; PNP issued 9mm Glock 17 and three pieces magazine for 9mm Glock 17; and 37 pieces live ammunition for 9mm caliber.
The sticks need a small explosion to trigger the larger explosion, which is why dynamite is usually set off with a blasting cap, said officials.
These new components provide the same functionality as the M11 and M16 blasting cap assemblies, but with expanded capabilities.
The type of explosive used usually needs a battery or blasting cap to set it off but FBI tests found a substance had been added that would have allowed it to be detonated by prolonged exposure to flame.
Even when the equivalent of a blasting cap replaced the primer, detonation could not be achieved.
One traditional method of blast vibration is reduction of the amount of explosive fire on any blasting cap delay period.
The person checking the vehicle should also look for loose wires or strands of wire that are clean and especially those that are 22-24 gauge in thickness, similar to those used in a blasting cap.
The authorities recovered from her position one improvised explosive device (IED) with blasting cap and detonating cord.
Blasting cap, electrical wires, metal fragments of 60mm mortar, and a multi-tester were also found at the blast site, Karim said.
If the blasting cap fires poorly in one picture, it does not mean it will fire poorly from then on out.
hi 4: blasting cap KW-9 in quantities of 500 pieces.
Encounters were also recorded in the area last week when government troopers were able to corner the rebels in an encounter that resulted in the recovery of a baby Armalite, an improvised explosive device (IED) with blasting cap and four backpacks.