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a workman employed to blast with explosives

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Devon IT VDI Blaster is the most popular software tool that enables a PC to act as a thin client that is currently available in the growing VDI market.
The biggest and baddest blaster in the new collection, the NERF SUPER SOAKER SHOT BLAST water blaster can drench your opponents from up to 25 feet away.
10 launch of the newest top secret N-STRIKE blaster, NERF will be transforming five of its most popular N-STRIKE products into Clear Series Special Edition Blasters featuring clear, deco styling.
Using VDI Blaster to convert aging enterprise PCs into secure, managed thin clients enables organizations of all sizes to extend their capital investment in PCs while testing thin client computing models," explained Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT.
Creative is setting the standard for PC audio once again by pushing mass market PC audio into the realm of professional audio quality with the Sound Blaster Audigy," said Sim Wong Hoo, founder and CEO of Creative.
The VoIP Blaster features a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that minimizes distortion, echoes and latency while reducing the need for additional system requirements or resources.
1 sound that has thrilled movie-goers all over the world is now available on the PC via Creative's new line of Sound Blaster Live
Before you pack anything that has come in contact with your catch, (clothes, cut boards, fish knives and coolers) spray it with Odor Blaster (citrus or non-scented).
Our partnerships with motherboard manufacturers such as Shuttle and Gigabyte are bringing superior Sound Blaster and DTS technology to PCs and ensuring that these users have the best high-definition audio experience possible.
To be able to ship over 100 million units of Sound Blaster demonstrates Creative's continued commitment to meet and exceed the needs of its consumers over a long period of time," said Sim Wong Hoo, founder and chief executive officer of Creative Technology Ltd.
Math Blaster immerses students in think-fast math activities that will help them master math concepts easily and lay the essential foundation for life-long math success.
Nasdaq: CREAF), the leading provider of multimedia solutions for personal entertainment and productivity, today announced the CD-RW Blaster 8432, the latest addition to its growing family of multimedia storage solutions.
It is very gratifying to know that a top Fortune 100 company like Compaq has selected the Sound Blaster Live