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a mass of undifferentiated cells from which an organ or body part develops

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Next, the regeneration blastema is formed as the mesenchymal cells propagate and accumulate.
The most unusual-looking ones are ATLANTES, male figures supporting columns, and BLASTEMA, a mass of embryonic cells ["Some More Quality 8-Squares," Richard Sabey, WW, Aug 1995].
The cellular phase begins a few days later, as the hematoma begins to organize with a noticeable proliferation of undifferentiated spindle-cell blastema cells.
The clump of immature cells, known as a blastema, then regrows the missing part, perhaps by tapping into the em-bryogenesis programme that first formed the animal.
Similar to what has been seen in amphibian regeneration, "healer" mice appear to develop a blastema at the site of a wound.
The resulting blastema, a mass of unspecialized cells, proliferates rapidly to form a limb bud.
3,4) From a pathophysiology standpoint, horseshoe kidney occurs during the second and sixth week of gestation when the inferior portion of the metanephric blastema fuses to form an isthmus, commonly in the lower renal pole (90%) and anteriorly to the aorta and vena cava.
4,6-9) During nephrogenesis, both PAX8 and PAX2 are expressed very early in the renal blastema and later in collecting duct cells, and all progenitor epithelial cells of the developing nephron.
The occurrence of the MURCS association is sporadic, (4) and the etiology is still not clear; one hypothesis is that it results from an alteration of the blastema of the lower cervical and upper thoracic somites and pronephric ducts, which have an intimate spatial relationship in the fourth week of fetal development.
Before the fish's fins regenerate, the wound is closed with multiple layers of tissue, and the cells beneath the stump then lose their identity and form what is called blastema.