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NASA has prepared its space shuttle Discovery for blast-off at 11.
NASA have grounded all future shuttle missions until they can find a better way to prevent damage during blast-off
Always calm, he also famously took a nap while waiting for blast-off on the same mission, friends recalled, laughing.
Yesterday's planned second blast-off attempt was scrapped when final checks revealed a piece of foam on the launch pad had broken off from the Ariane 5 rocket's central core, mission scientists said.
But an eleventh-hour disagreement between Nasa and Russian space officials, nearly hampered blast-off.
Their goals range from science to business engineering, from public relations to classified military projects, together creating what could be the busiest blast-off year in NASA's history.
A blast-off on Sunday was delayed due to bad weather at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Both the US State Department and the Japanese Government have issued stark statements condemning the blast-off.
Nate Gorman of Las Vegas drops some voodoo on this Peter Hewitt blast-off