blast wave

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a region of high pressure travelling through a gas at a high velocity

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While all personnel are required to wear protective eyewear during training to prevent injuries from fragments and blunt impact, it is possible that damage to the visual system and the ocular structures is caused by blast wave exposure alone.
Voyager should provide more clarity by next year with the help of more blast wave measurements and the possibility of the 180-degree magnetic field shift.
Second, because the internal explosion is confined compared to the free movement of air in an external explosion, the detonation and deflagration products continue to add gas pressure in the afterburning process behind the blast wave.
The blast wave was powerful enough to shatter some windows in nearby buildings.
The blast wave may also cause contusions of the bowel wall leading to perforation 24 hours to even a week later.
In this ongoing blast wave 29 individuals had been killed, many injured, in addition to firebombing of train stations, pro-government businesses and blocking of roads.
Some interviewees said that they could feel the power of the blast wave even 100 metres away and that the ground was shaking.
The blast wave damaged building of the police station.
The Chandra data show that most of the X-ray emission is "synchrotron radiation," produced by extremely energetic electrons accelerated in the rapidly expanding blast wave of the supernova.
The expanding blast wave and hot stellar debris slowly dissipate over hundreds of thousands of years, eventually mixing with and becoming indistinguishable from interstellar gas.
Understanding the progression of the blast wave as it travels the length of the coach was key to understanding how the interior furnishings reacted.
The pressure time-history of a blast wave can be illustrated with a general shape as in Fig.
A three-hour autopsy conducted on June 10 on the body of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi showed that he died of massive "tearing and bruising" of his lungs caused by the blast wave from the two 226-kilogram bombs dropped on the safe house where he was hiding on June 6.
At the initial stage there was this blast wave which is what most people were reporting.
Everything in the path of the blast wave was damaged inside the flats.