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For its latest mind-bending scheme to boost sales as well as tamper blasphemously with the very fabric of existence, the dairy brand has teamed up with Soccer AM to put controllable virtual cheerleaders on the desktops of power-mad, sex-deprived flavoured milk enthusiasts.
They blasphemously attempt to kill and possess a holy being that mirrors the perfection of God.
One contemporary anecdote reports a woman in an audience, clearly overcome after hearing the great Farinelli, shouting blasphemously, "One God
Graham Henry, blasphemously described as the Great Redeemer after guiding Wales to a winning streak that included a first-ever triumph against South Africa, became a condemned coach and departed after one World Cup.
The father-of-three - blasphemously crowned NME's Godlike Genius - refuses to conform to the norms of the music world.
Another section says: "The ignorant zealots who blasphemously justify their mayhem in the name of Islam, passing off the terrorism of cowards as the jihad of the brave, do so only by twisting the texts of Islam and playing upon the fears and prejudices of uninformed people.
Leary and co-writer Peter Tolan tamp down that misstep adroitly enough and move on to new provocations, such as Lou's (John Scurti) blasphemously torrid relationship with a soon-to-be-ex-nun and the aftermath of Jerry's (Jack McGee) heart attack.
When the catastrophe does come, the sinner salves his conscience by blasphemously calling it an "accident" or an "act of God.
Blasphemously, Quartilla, the lecher, declares that she lives in a 'land so infested with divinity that one might meet a god more easily than a man' (Sat.
He had suggested, blasphemously, that his audience work with feminists to end pornography, with proponents of gay marriage to combat AIDS, and with unions to make better workplaces.
The latter, once "established" by the law, "encroaches upon the privileges and prerogatives" of divine righteousness; self blasphemously supersedes God.
The loss of an arm that blasphemously touched the consecrated host in The Croxton Play of the Sacrament is a well-known example.
It's easy to imagine Bush discarding the Constitution, while blasphemously invoking God's name.
si forte qu'elle ne put la supprimer"--Perrault, 151): that is, his speech blasphemously imitates the idiom of divine mandate, illustrating the abuse of power that Perrault, at this stage in his career, could very well have associated with Louis XIV.
Surprisingly to a modern eye, Dik did not see any contradiction in simultaneously holding what were, for the time, almost blasphemously heretical views on the course modern Jewry should follow, and organizing his personal life strictly in accordance with Orthodox observance.