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Following the great success of Blasphemous Cocktails, Killer Cocktails from Outer Space will give readers more than 100 cocktail recipes inspired by science fiction.
He said that publication of blasphemous sketches had damaged efforts for interfaith dialogue and it was important to end insult of holy prophets, the holy Quran and other holy books.
The micro-blogging website honoured five requests put forward by an official from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block tweets that he regarded as blasphemous.
He wrote: "It is outrageous and entirely inappropriate for this sort of anti-Christian, blasphemous performance to be included in a public festival" (ibid).
On Tuesday and after a trailer of the blasphemous movie took people in Egypt to the streets, people in Libya staged protest rallies which led to some clashes at the US consulate in the Eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, and Washington claims that its ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three staff members of the US consulate were killed in the clashes at the consulate building.
For many Muslims, any depiction of the Prophet is blasphemous and caricatures or other characterizations have in the past provoked violent protests across the Muslim world.
The crime of blasphemous libel (written as opposed to verbal) was first introduced into the Criminal Code in 1892.
Justice Ejaz Chahudhry of the Lahore High Court said on Monday that the country did not want to block access to information, but he warned that the ban would be reimposed if any blasphemous material reappeared on the website.
Islam strictly prohibits the depiction of any prophet as blasphemous and even moderate Muslims were deeply offended by the drawings that appeared on a facebook page in an answer to the call for an 'Everyone Draw Mohammed Day'.
RAWALPINDI, May 29 -- Hundreds of activists of National Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony and National Peace Movement of Pakistan held a joint protest against blasphemous caricatures.
The ban was imposed last week on TouTube saying the content was blasphemous.
WASHINGTON, May 23 -- Pakistan has lodged an official protest with the United States over blasphemous contents on a Facebook page, with Islamabad's ambassador in Washington conveying sentiments of the nation to the senior American officials.
Aa"A number of people in the city of Orumiyeh who engaged in the promotion of satanism through underground music and the production of blasphemous video clips were arrested," the daily Resalat quoted senior police official Kheibar Tiba as saying.
A GROUP of poets have vowed to challenge the new blasphemy law by commissioning blasphemous poems to be published online and read out at public gatherings.
Summary: An Egyptian court revoked the license of a literary magazine on Tuesday on the grounds that a poem it had published more than two years ago was blasphemous, court sources said.