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Synonyms for blaspheme



Synonyms for blaspheme

to use profane or obscene language

Synonyms for blaspheme

utter obscenities or profanities

speak of in an irreverent or impious manner

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Blaspheme said the cancellation will not affect any of their other new productions.
He Who is Truth says that whosoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will be pardoned neither in this life nor in the age to come.
At the end, the ignominious death between two robbers; the one to acknowledge and confess Him as God and be saved, the other to blaspheme and insult Him and die in despair.
I can just imagine those patronising BBC executives in London chuckling away to themselves at the quaint way we Cornish are supposed to blaspheme and interact with each other.
Harry is, unfortunately, not politically correct in other areas either: he doesn't understand why Muslims don't mind statesmen who are planning their systematic extermination (as in the erstwhile Yugoslavia) but do get upset at writers who seem to blaspheme Allah; neither does he approve of "multiculturalists" who do not mind when men of other nationalities beat their wives since it's all right in their culture.
Les intervenants ont finalement confirme le respect des differentes doctrines et la lutte contre le blaspheme des religions des autres et contre l'incitation exercee par d'aucuns a la haine et a la violence.
Seven years later, in May of 1930 Our Lord explained to Sister Lucia of Fatima that souls offend and blaspheme against the Immaculate Heart of Mary by refusing to accept her as the Mother of all mankind.
Le tribunal correctionnel de Kasr el-Nil a rejete le proces de blaspheme des religions intente contre l'homme d'affaires Naguib Sawiris.
Without wanting to blaspheme it was like walking around with the Lord.
The Rev Angus Smith says the congregation of the Free Church of Scotland sing and dance at ceilidhs and go to pubs - and the clergymen break their vows and blaspheme.
Toronto--To no one's great surprise, the Ontario Press Council upheld a "newspaper's right to publish material that some readers may find offensive" after hearing the complaints of a reader against the London Free Press for its repeated publication of editorial cartoons which insult or blaspheme Christian (mostly Catholic) beliefs and believers.
Summary: L'homme d'affaires Naguib Sawiris, cofondateur d'un parti politique laic, va etre juge pour blaspheme en Egypte, a-t-on appris hier lundi de sources judiciaires et aupres d'un avocat de la partie plaignante.
I'm not one to blaspheme unnecessarily (actually, that's a lie) but I think I might have said something like `Jesus Christ, I thought someone had been kidnapped.
They are seven: Do not murder, Do not rob, Do not worship idols, Do not blaspheme, Do not engage in immoral sexual relations, Do not eat bits off a live animal, and Maintain a court of Law.