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Part of the reason was made blaringly clear in a conference presenter's quote that "75% of behavioral health organizations are still without agency-wide e-mail.
American sexual hypocrisy was blaringly being exposed.
She briefly considered Egypt but selected the bustling Middle Eastern outpost with its over-the-top hotels, restaurants and nightclubs for her early September celebration--even though she knows Dubai will be blaringly hot then.
New research found you are more likely to have an accident if you're listening to blaringly loud music while driving.
The all-American Thoroughly Modern Millie, last year's Tony winner, is as blaringly overproduced as anything ever concocted in the West End.
Although minorities were still persecuted, most blaringly the Armenians, whom the Turks massacred in 1896, the great powers nevertheless continued to regard as legitimate the formula of Berlin; it was a norm of sovereignty.
After all, most memoirs that are so heavily trumpeted don't live up to the fanfare, and All's Fair is, well, being trumpeted blaringly.