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Synonyms for blankness

Synonyms for blankness

total lack of ideas, meaning, or substance

a desolate sense of loss

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the state of being blank

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The still, austere mise-en-scene common to slow movies deals with death, blankness, emptiness, silence, motion (however brief or limited it may be) and place, in a distinct manner.
Warhol's trademark blankness, I think, belies a deeply political artist.
Yano said that Hello Kitty's charm is her unreadable features or the blankness of her design due to the fact that she does not have a mouth.
She smiles, exaggerated and toothy, and then her face unfolds itself into blankness.
Reed's music had that room: a lot of repetition, empty spaces, terseness, intuition, blankness, bluntness, talking as singing.
He said he was appalled at the blankness of television.
a brick wall under a blue sky--seemingly fading into the surface, which, however, is pocked with small ruptures of frayed canvas--brings an eventfulness of incident and detail to the ostensible blankness of the idea of staring at a wall; the hermit's television is the world as mirror of the self.
There is no blankness between the lines of the circles.
She says: "I was interested in these works and this idea of blankness because I work a lot with mass produced printed material like newspapers, magazines and old books.
In the Paris vellum copy of Aldo's January 1515 Lucretius, blocks of type from the first quire, * , print blind in q, the last--consult a map of this Blankness Legible by lining the gutter edges of this page and the next--as if, by contrast, 31n the cnoc mill be the beginning.
The blankness was a backlash against what Margiela felt was the over-branding of fashion designers' names in the 1980s and '90s.
But his fingers remembered the chords, and the filial cast of his band, which included two sons and a daughter (all from his fourth wife), seemed a real comfort to a man who in his most lucid moments must see premonitions of blackness and blankness.
gray sea An oceanic blankness with no shores to swim toward This was not
The computer image shows a blank wall with a few flags to break down the blankness of the elevation.
Taking off from this architectural given, you transform this busy blankness into something inhabited by a lively, ever-shifting intention.