tabula rasa

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a young mind not yet affected by experience (according to John Locke)

an opportunity to start over without prejudice

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What we have is a blank slate, and it is our job today as town officials to shut up and listen,'' Mr.
Klein contends in the introductory part that the practitioners of free market philosophy tend to seek a blank slate on which to create the free market economy.
Nightwood Design has transformed the large retail space at be@schermerhorn, a condominium tower in Downtown Brooklyn, from its original blank slate into a series of displays raimagining the shapes, mythology and relativity of shelters.
The house in Towyn Road is a blank slate inside, although a few colourfully painted walls add some warmth and character.
Describing his role, in the sci-fi drama he said: "It was kind of like a blank slate, we didn't know what we were going to do with the character.
However, JAL s new president and chief operating officer, Masaru Onishi, said on Monday he would start with a blank slate in evaluating the offers from Delta and American.
We begin the season with a little bit of a blank slate," said Ferrera.
Following the ball's adventures through the military, jewelry thieves, and generous Italian families, a story unfolds through the blank slate of the ball's mind.
Pinker, she argues--and documents--"seriously misrepresents Locke's notion of the blank slate.
Palin began this process with largely a blank slate on foreign policy.
As I made clear in my book, I do not share the postmodern view that human nature is a blank slate.
Myers succeeds in making the reader feel what it's like to be in Iraq, though Robin remains something of a blank slate.
Hayden Christensen's young hero is a blank slate, devoid of charmor personality, and there's no sexual chemistry with Rachel Bilson's childhood sweetheart although Jamie Bell's spunky rival brings some colour to proceedings.
American Society of Plant Biologists Blank Slate Studios
She envisioned a pure approach to teaching the mechanics of movement so the dancer is truly a blank slate for choreographers to work with.