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Synonyms for blandness

Synonyms for blandness

the trait of exhibiting no personal embarrassment or concern

lacking any distinctive or interesting taste property

the quality of being bland and gracious or ingratiating in manner

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Our city has replaced character with blandness, individuality with the corporate.
Despite the best efforts of a toned and charming J-Lo, The Back-up Plan flounders into rom-com blandness, though there are some nice jokes about her famously sizeable rear end.
Aletti tracks the genre's evolution, from its nascent Motown beginnings to Philadelphia soul to a sterile stringed blandness then moving on to cover its increased relevance in underground gay, black and Latin clubs before reaching its placid whiteness.
The diversity that once characterised all of Wales is fast disappearing and is being replaced by blandness and the increasing uniformity of a catalogue countryside.
With a plethora of bold, colourful wallpapers on the market, this is your chance to inject a bit of drama into your home, experiment with pattern and banish blandness.
There's satire of American culture's blandness (Jessica Lynn Johnson of the U.
So much of the stuff being paraded was watered down Europop, sweet and sugary, bottled blandness, packaged for a mass market appeal.
And with this much creamy blandness overwhelming your mouth, liberal dousings of Del Taco sauce are needed.
I'm trying to make it look different than the average newspaper comics section, which is usually the epitome of blandness," Vanfossen told Gardner.
Corporate-licensed works are also hobbled by content restrictions that favor blandness.
I am not suggesting we should be in competition with Trafalgar Square, but I do believe illuminated fountains within the city would enliven and enhance the stereotypical architecture enveloping the centre with blandness.
Yet her blandness could be a help this week if producers follow the route of dreadfully negative editing that led to Mikey's eviction.
Longchamp could have easily opted for the familiar comforts of luxury blandness, but chose instead to take a more scenic route in the enquiring and engaging company of Heatherwick.
Only twice does the book sample blandness, and that is with the first two tales.