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Synonyms for bland

Synonyms for bland

effortlessly gracious and tactful in social manner

lacking an appetizing flavor

lacking the qualities requisite for spiritedness and originality

without definite or distinctive characteristics

Synonyms for bland

lacking taste or flavor or tang

lacking stimulating characteristics


smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication

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On a technical level, I was interested in investigating the possibilities of all the thirty-eight five-note and seven-note chords, and joining those of the most extreme dissonance with those of the blandest consonance.
Campbell Watson said on the Record's Facebook page: "This season, Hibs have been one of the poorest, weakest and blandest sides I've ever seen in the Scottish Premiership.
The one everyone remembers is Going For An English in which a group of people in Bombay go to an English restaurant, abuse the staff and ask to try "the blandest thing on the menu".
I drank 7-Up and ate just enough of the blandest food.
A series personified by Marvin "we was trending worldwide" Humes, TV's blandest presenter, livened up only by Will.
That unique voice was still as strong as ever and classic songs such as Rattlesnakes, Brand New Friend and Perfect Skin will never fail to charm but, all too often, Cole's newer material sounded more like Chris Rea or Dire Straits at their blandest.
is equivalent to the sum of its parts--that the twelve blandest jurors
The zombi becomes "a beast of burden, exploited mercilessly by his master who forces him to toil in his field, crushes him with work and whips him at the slightest pretext while feeding him on the blandest of diets [.
That may sound like the blandest, most boring kind of
Paul Van Dodgio Ibberson An award for being the blandest, out of date building going?
These crumbles make a perfect pizza topping, and they amplify the flavors in even the blandest store-bought marinara to create an exquisite no-meat sauce.
My two daughters, who accompanied me, would have cried if we hadn't had noodles, so we had the mildly curried yaki udon, which was the probably the blandest of the dishes.
Four pieces of legislation that would allow members of Congress to take a stand on Iran have been introduced in both chambers with the blandest language gaining majority support in both the House and the Senate.
But the movie's commitment to the blandest possible presentation of its central problem starts to seem perverse after a while.
ARCHITECTS behind plans for what was described as Birmingham's blandest big building have been urged to go back to the drawing board.