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sweet almond-flavored milk pudding thickened with gelatin or cornstarch

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It's a little bit boozy, with layers and layers of different blancmanges, jellies, sponges and grated chocolate - it's like a Damien Hirst art piece
Blancmange HOW TO ENTER By Telephone: Call 0901 154 2600 and follow the instructions By Text: Text CT1 followed by a space and your answer, your name, address and postcode to 84080 (eg: CT1, A, John Smith, 123 Sample Street, CV1 1FP) By Email: Email your entry to ctentry@mrn.
She then made the most disgusting blancmange in the shape of breasts.
Would Edwin van der Blancmange have kept all those clean sheets?
There's Martin, a blancmange of a man whose claim to fame is that he writes best-selling detective stories that sound like a cross between Biggles and Enid Blyton.
SIR: I wonder if any of your readers noticed the remarkable similarity between the Graz Art Museum, 'a spunky modern interloper that adds both to the life of the city and to its historic fabric', and the Birmingham Selfridges, 'a blue blancmange with chicken pox .
Today's recipe is a creamy, old-fashioned blancmange made from milk scented with almonds and oranges.
Trying to discipline me was like putting a hem on a blancmange.
Of the Kraftwerk and Moroder inspired outfits Blancmange certainly had the worst name, but while perhaps not being the most credible they were in fact one of the most entertaining.
BLANCMANGE, who describe themselves as eccentric musical pioneers, supported Grace Jones when at the heart of 1980s club culture.
THE FACTORY Club and Eric's are bringing '80s British synth pop electronic masters Blancmange to Eric's for the first in a series of shows together.
Now for the fun part; make sure your jellies are cool but liquid, and the clementines are nice and level in their tray (use kitchen paper if you have wobble issues) and fill with a small amount of the liquid blancmange.
You attack the Birmingham building as a 'blue blancmange with chicken pox'.
Blancmange has had something of a bad press over the years, perhaps because it's associated with the dollop-on-plate school dinners variety, all pink and gooey.
There were also other plot devices which, when examined, made the whole edifice crumble like a tower of blancmange.