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sweet almond-flavored milk pudding thickened with gelatin or cornstarch

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Blancmange emerged in 1982 with their first hit God's Kitchen / I've Seen The Word and over the following four years the band - Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe - had nine more hits, including Living On The Ceiling, Blind Vision and a unique take on Abba's The Day Before You Came.
Blancmange now have cool back projections, a guitar and synths, naturally.
In a hilarious sketch filmed 18 years before Andy was born, Michael Palin played a kilted Scotsman getting hammered by a blancmange from outer space in the Wimbledon final.
Price commented that Madonna looked like a "swollen blancmange.
Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, labelled Ed Miliband, leader of the Opposition, as "a blancmange in a hurricane", while Quentin Letts, the political commentator, savaged the Department of Culture, Media and Sport as "a milky blancmange zone of nothingness".
Apparently, these include the loss of identity in the workplace, the true cost of getting the supermarket to deliver a banana to your door, and whether you're really the only person who can see the talking Blancmange man.
This lot came out like they had blancmange for brains.
Among them are exotic dishes featuring porpoise and more recognisable names like blancmange.
He then skins them, but I then switched to Kempton, and when I went back, he was putting the finishing touches to his 14th century frog blancmange.
They discuss particular dishes--soups, broths and pottages, herring, blancmange, olios and fricassees, and boiled and baked puddings--and their history.
Instead we're watching Christopher Eccleston throwing his enemies into a supersized blancmange while our brave boys are marching out the tunnel into one of football's great theatresWhen they finally do cut to a rainswept San Siro the teams are already lined up and the Italians are belting out their national anthem.
Confected of nothing but almond water, isinglass, and precise chilling, the blancmange surely embodies heaven: no communion, however, for the lost souls of this novel, so bewitchingly damned, so brilliantly sin-pricked, so very much more fascinating than angels.
FROND A Type of blancmange B Springing out of C A leaf who am I?